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Get RS Elite Woodcutting Outfit from Portable Vic the Trader

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As there is some feedback asking for RS Elite Woodcutting outfit to be added to Portable Trader, the develop team has decided to make this outfit available in game. The Portable Trader cut off date is extended to Sunday June 2nd.

Get Elite Woodcutting outfit from Portable Trader

The Portable Vic the Trader has been added to game in April and will be unavailable after June 2, 2019. It offers the chance for both F2P and P2P players to summon their own Portable Vic the Trader RuneScape and exchange bonus XP for some items.
Some new items have been added to RuneScape Portable Trader since the trader was released. In April, Wildcards, Dungeoneering tokens and the Shark, Ethereal and Gorajan outfit pieces are available for Free-to-play players. On May 20, RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit has been purchasable from the portable trader’s store. You could buy the outfit from Portable Vic the Trader until June 2 if you want it.
RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit

Basics of RuneScape Elite Woodcutting outfit

The Elite Woodcutting outfit, also known as the Nature’s sentinel outfit, consists of Nature’s sentinel helm, Nature's sentinel chest, Nature’s sentinel trunks, Nature’s sentinel branch and Nature’s sentinel boots. Players can enjoy the following effects when they wear the full Elite Woodcutting set:
1. 20 daily teleports to woodcutting locations
2. 7% increase success chance while Woodcutting
3. 7% increased chance to gain bird’s nests and crystal geodes
4. An option to burn or fletch logs automatically when cut
5. Ability to contact Evil Trees
6. Ability to plant a miniature Evil Tree per day for members
7. Uses Lumberjack clothing’s bonus experience for members

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The RSorder Team

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