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Get RS Ring of Rares & Ring of Random in April Fools 2019 Event

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The RS April Fool 2019 event does bring a lot of fun for players. Do you have the J-Mods on your J-Mod Collection list in your player-owned farm? When farming the adorable human, don’t you forget to get RS ring of rares and ring of random from partyhat for more fun.

What is ring of rares?

Ring of rares is an item you can only obtain from the April Fools 2018 and April Fools 2019 events. During the April Fools event, there will be 6 different colors of partyhats spawning at some certain locations. By picking up one partyhat, you can obtain the ring of rares. Though the partyhats are continuously spawning, you cannot gain more than one ring of rares at any time. However, if you lost the ring you have in hand, you surely can gain another by picking up another partyhat. 
Putting on ring of rares allows you to change into a series of holiday items, so that you can surprise your friends. You can check the holiday items you can changes into via the list below.
Any of the original six colors of partyhats
All Hallowe'en masks
Red and Black santa hat
Easter egg
Christmas cracker

How to get ring of random?

To have a ring of random, you have to first have a ring of rares. Since it is randomly obtained through selecting a rare item after you attempt to wear the ring of rares. Once put on, you will be able to transform into a random old event NPC, like Sergeant Damien, Drunken Dwarf, Evil Bob, Frog Herald, Genie, Quiz Master and more.
After the event, both the ring of rares and the ring of random will be removed from your inventory.

Get the RS ring of rares and ring of random from partyhat in April Fools 2019 event, and transform into festival items and NPCs to make a prank on your friends. Meanwhile, buy cheap RS gold from us and enjoy the interesting RS game.

The RSorder Team

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