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Get RuneScape Shadow Gem Token & More from Crystal Capsules

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From Sept 13, there will be a new Treasure Hunter Crystal Capsules available, from which you can gain RuneScape Shadow Gem necklace, cape, sack, crown tokens to unlock corresponding overrides. Besides, you also can win protean selection as well as 10 TH keys. 

How long will the Crystal Capsules TH be available?

This week the RS team will bring you a new Treasure Hunter promo, named Crystal Capsules. And as usual, it will last from Thursday on Sept 13 to Monday on Sept 17, 2018. 

What prizes can you gain from the Crystal Capsules TH?

During the promo, on Treasure Hunter you will be able to win: 
10 Treasure Hunter keys;
 Protean selection;
Shadow gem necklace token;
Shadow gem cape token;
Shadow gem sack token; 
Shadow gem crown token.
These new tokens can be consumed to claim the corresponding cosmetic overrides. Besides, the Shadow gem necklace, cape, sack, and crown also can be purchased from the Grand Exchange. 

Additionally, to celebrate the global release of OSRS Mobile, we will provide various activities, such as the up to 80% off sales on Sept 14 & Sept 21 respectively. All in all, please never miss the great chance to purchase RS gold on our site. 

The RSorder Team 

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