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Getting Ahead OSRS Guide: 1st Twisted Tales Quest Walkthrough

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The first quest of the Twisted Tales OSRS, Getting Ahead, has been released on November 25th. 30 Crafting and 26 Construction are required to start this Getting Ahead OSRS new quest.

Getting Ahead OSRS quest walkthrough

1. To start OSRS Getting Ahead quest, talk to Gordon south of the Farming Guild.
2. Enter the main building west of Gordon and talk to Mary.
3. Go upstairs and take a pot of flour. Take the needle and thread as well.
4. Talk to Gordon again. Pour the pot of flour by the southern gate. Take the hammer by the gate.
5. Follow the trail of flour which ends at the Kebos Lowlands mine. Take two planks by the broken rowboat and mine some clay before entering the cave.
6. Enter the cave and defeat the Headless Beast. Search the nearby skeleton to obtain the Neilan's journal after killing the beast.
7. Return to Gordon and talk to him. Then talk to Mary.
8. Use a knife on the soft clay to make a clay head. Return to Gordon.
9. With a needle and thread, use bear fur or grey wolf fur on the head to make a fur head. Return to Gordon.
10. Use red dye on the head to make a bloody head. Return to Gordon.
11. Mount the bloody head in the Mounted Head Space appearing on the wall south of the stairs. Two planks and six nails are required.
12. Talk to Gordon again. Quest complete!

Rewards from Getting Ahead OSRS

You will gain the following rewards after completing Twisted Tales OSRS Getting Ahead quest:
1 Quest point
4,000 Crafting experience
3,200 Construction experience
3,000 coins
Kebos tannery OSRS access. The new tannery in the Kebos Lowlands can be accessed by talking to Mary.

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