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Guide: How to Receive OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll for Rewards?

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Released in game this month, OSRS beginner clue scroll is the treasure trail with the lowest difficulty. Here is a guide to help you learn some general information, methods to receive the clue scroll and its rewards.

Learn Basics of OSRS beginner clue scroll

OSRS beginner clue scroll is a short clue scroll available to both F2P and P2P players, which is always between 1-3 clues with few or no requirements. Beginner clue scrolls are the easiest to receive and complete, which offer low rewards in return. They are the start of a Treasure Trail, the treasure hunt that sends you hunting following a trail of clues offering rare and unique treasures.

Where to receive OSRS beginner clue scroll?

Beginner clue scrolls OSRS can drop from various lower-levelled monsters in free-to-play world, and they can also be received from baby and young implings, clue bottles, clue geodes and clue nests. According to the Old School news post on April 18, there are new beginner clue drops added to the following:
100% drop chance for Bryophyta and Obor.
Hill giants
Ice giants
Moss giants

List of OSRS beginner clue rewards

A variety of items can be gained from OSRS beginner clue scroll. Here are some main drops:
Bear feet
Mole slippers
Frog slippers
Demon feet
Sandwich lady outfit
Ornament kits (Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix)
Trimmed monk's robes
Amulet of defence (t)
Jester cape
Shoulder parrot

Hope our guide help you learn more about OSRS beginner clue scroll. You can find the safest OSRS gold for sale all the time from RSorder with only 10-minute delivery.

The RSorder Team

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