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Guide: Learn Blessed Flask RS3 Requirements & Making Process

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Released with RS Herblore 120 update, Blessed Flask is a new flask which can hold up to 80 doses of extreme prayer potion. Here is a Blessed Flask guide with requirements and the full process of making it.

Requirements of making Blessed Flask RS3

The Blessed Flask is a special flask released with RS Herblore 120 update on November 25th. This new flask can hold up to 80 doses of extreme prayer potion (made by combining super prayer potion with primal extract RS3 and spark chitin).
Making the Blessed Flask requires level 96 Crafting, 118 Herblore and a long crafting chain. The flask can be charged if you use any dose of extreme prayer potion on it.

Full process to make the Blessed Flask RS3

1. Make the glorious silvthril chain. You can make it at any furnace, which requires a chain link mould in your inventory or toolbelt.
2. Make the blessed flask shell. Here are the steps:
-Get a large quantity of sandstone and obtain extra fine sand by grinding the sandstone. Repeat this step until you have 40,000 sand.
-Make blessed sand by using the sand on any altar of Saradomin. Repeat until all the sand is blessed.
-Make blessed molten glass by taking the blessed sand to any furnace, which requires 100 sand, 3 red sandstone, 3 soda ash and 3 crystal-flecked sandstone. Get 400 blessed glass after turning all the sand into the glass.
-Make 10 of golden blessed molten glass and azure blessed molten glass respectively. Making golden glass requires 20 blessed glass, 25 gold stone spirits, 5 hydrix bolt tips and 25 luminite stone spirits. Making azure glass requires 20 blessed glass, 25 mithril stone spirits, 5 sapphire bolt tips and 25 dark animica stone spirits.
-Combine all 10 of golden glass and azure glass with 100 necrite stone spirits, 100 phasmatite stone spirits, 250 alaea sea salt and 5000 harmonic dust via glassblowing. Then you will get the blessed flask shell.
3. Combine the glorious chain and the blessed flask shell with a holy elixir, a holy water, 5 extreme prayer potions (4), 5 holy overload potions (6) and 500 positive energy. The process to make Blessed Flask RS3 is completed.

Hope our Blessed Flask guide can help you make this new flask. When you need cheap RS gold, come to professional RSorder and get the gold safely and fast.

The RSorder Team

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