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Guide to Collect Clockwork Pieces RuneScape for Rich Rewards

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The Going Like Clockwork event has been active now. And we will provide you a guide on how to collect clockwork pieces RuneScape (such as catching Snow Impling), with which you can gain rich rewards. Please prepare enough cheap RuneScape gold from us too.

Clockwork pieces you can gain from each activity like capturing snow impling RuneScape

During the Going Like Clockwork event until Nov. 26, there are various kinds of things you can do to gain different quantities of clockwork pieces RuneScape. Please see the following data as a reference:
Crafting, Invention or Hunter: 25–33;
all other non-combat skills: 22–27;
killing monsters: 25–30;
daily challenges: 74–107;
extended daily challenges: 148–180
catching snow implings: 20
In addition, you can also choose to buy the clockwork pieces for RuneCoins on the Seasonal Event interface's Shop tab.
Please note that you were originally granted with 200 clockwork pieces each time you caught a snow impling during the event upon release. However, it has been hotfixed to grant 20 instead because players have been completing the event too fast and gain mystery boxes at a quick rate.
And there is an extra 25% pieces you can gain by training Invention, Crafting and Hunter, compared with training other skills. 

A variety of rewards for collecting Clockwork pieces RuneSape

You can recover 10,000 pieces and win a variety of rewards by returning them to Eira.
2,000 (amount of clockwork handed in)  clockwork shield (reward)
4,000                                                   event mystery box 
5,000                                                   a clockwork lemon 
7,000                                                   clockwork crown
8,500                                                   big event mystery box 
10,000                                                 Gnorm 
What is more, you can also hand in spare pieces to Eira for an event mystery box or big event mystery box. 

May you get as much clockwork pieces as possible for various kinds of rewards you like with cheap RuneScape gold

The RSorder Team

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