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Guides to F2P Train Crafting & RuneScape Mobile Gold for Sale

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Today we want to provide some guides for F2P players on how to train Crafting efficiently from level 1 to level 31. At the same time when you need to find a site with RuneScape mobile gold for sale, please rest assured that RSorder will always satisfy you. 

Preparations for equipment

Before you start to train Crafting, you’d better fill your tool belt with a chisel, shears, a needle, an amulet mould, a necklace mould, a ring mould, a tiara mould, and a holy mould.

Ways to train Crafting for low level F2P players 

In general, it’s not very difficult to train Crafting in Free to Play. And you just need to be full of patience and lots of money.
1.Making cracked mining urns is regarded as the best way to get from level 1 to level 2, and it will grant 28.6 XP each. You just need to make 3 totally.
2.You can reach level 5 from level 2 at the fastest speed by making cracked fishing urns, which grants 30 XP each and is needed to make only 11.
3.From level 5 to level 6 you are suggested making gold rings, which grants 15 XP each. And only 9 need making.
4.To Reach level 8 from level 6, you can make gold necklaces, granting 20 XP each while 15 needed.
5.Making 65 unstrung gold amulets can grant you to reach level 16 from level 8, while each giving 30 XP. 
6.Making one unstrung symbol will grant 50 XP, and you will go to level 23 from level 16 when making 71 symbols. 
7.In order to get from level 23 to level 27 you can make tiaras, granting 52.5 XP each. And you need to make 65.
8.Making 42 emerald rings can make you reach level 29 from 27 while making 47 emerald necklaces can grant you to level 31 from level 29. 

All of this will cost you about 10 minutes actually. However, you need to buy plenty of RuneScape mobile gold first. 

The RSorder Team 

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