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How to Avoid Being Cheated When Buying RS Gold Online?

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As we all know, how to avoid being cheated when buying rs gold online becomes the first concern for most players. Actually, it doesn't require much time or effort to secure your game account and personal information. This article contains the basic information to avoid being cheated and scams in runescape. Besides, we’ll tell you how to buy rs 2007 gold and more with 100% safe at RSorder.

Main gold scamming tricks you might encounter on RSorder

1. Someone pretends to be the staff of RSorder and asks you to return the RS gold you already got due to invalid orders or system upgrade or any other reasons. Keep in mind that RSorder won't ask for the gold back for any reason!

2. Someone pretends to be the staff of RSorder Facebook and asks you to send your RS gold back for free bonus. Keep in mind that we will never ask your gold back in name of RSorder or RSorder Facebook. It is worth to point out that RSorder Facebook has nothing to do with the gold transaction. RSorder is the only place to deliver your RS gold.

Tips on buying osrs gold with 100% safe at RSorder

1. If you encounter some promo ads flagged RSorder.com or promos involving to your account information and RS gold, please visit the main site of RSorder to check out if the activity is available on RSorder.

2. RSorder will never ask your account password to deliver RS gold. So do not trust anyone who asks for your account name and password. They are 100% scammers!

3. RSorder Facebook is not in charge of gold delivery. Do not believe anyone who tells you to deliver gold via Facebook. You can ask help from RSorder Facebook or other social media. However, You should take a visit at RSorder and ensure the links of social media are 100% right.

4. If you have any question during the whole trade process, you can ask help from our 24/7 live chat help.

Threats that you need to be aware of when playing RuneSacpe

Phishing that takes place in-game will usually take one of the following three forms:

1. Telling you to search for a page or video on social media sites

The pages that these accounts are telling you to search for will typically contain links to phishing sites or keyloggers. Please make sure that you NEVER click these links. If you come across one of these videos, be sure to flag it on YouTube or report the spamming account through our report abuse system.

2. Advertising a new cheating tool, such as a botting website

These are very similar to the first example. The accounts advertising these websites are typically hijacked by the same website.

3. Offering you a moderator position

Jagex will never send PM to you in game to offer you a moderator position. This will always be done via sending a message to your RuneScape inbox.

Main tips to avoid scams in runescape

1. Avoid giving any personal information away, especially passwords. Treat your password like a credit card or social security number! Even if it's a relative or friend right next to you, one action may change your account significantly.

2. Do not ever go to the Wilderness to trade. This act of scamming is called "Luring". Remember, the Wilderness is the only place that is not safe for trading and you are likely to be killed by other players.

3. Avoid viewing any external websites that one advertises. Majority of the advertisers can be found throughout the Grand Exchange and Varrock Bank. The links mentioned might be advertising a RuneScape-like site or YouTube channel. Little does one know, it is a method for people to phish others and get their user name and password.

Hopefully the information on this article is enough to keep your account and personal information secure. Besides, you can always buy RS 07 gold cheap and safe on RSorder if you keep these tips in mind. RSorder always deserves your trust and we will never let you down!

The RSorder Team

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