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How to Pay with a Credit Card via PayPal

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Even if you don’t have a PayPal account at present, you can still pay using your credit or debit card through PayPal.

Step 1: Enter your credit/ debit card details.

After you have clicked “Buy Now” on RSorder and chosen credit card via paypal as the payment method, you will be directed to the following page.

step 1

You now have to enter your credit or debit card details on this page. This information is confidential and will not be disclosed by PayPal under any circumstances, not even to us. Payments are made using a secure connection. Click “Review and Continue”.

Step 2: Review your information.

This is just a review page - part of the credit card details will be displayed as well as the total amount and some contact information. Click the “Pay Now” button to make the payment.

step 2

Step 3: Payment completed

Congratulations! You have just completed your online payment – it’s that simple!

step 3

Note! This payment is processed by PayPal and, as such, your card statement will show "www.paypal.com" for this transaction.

If you have any problems while paying for your order then please call PayPal’s Customer Service Centre.


Customer Service (USA): 001-402-935-205

The RSorder Team

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