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How to Start RS Ironman Mode and Convert to Normal RS Accounts

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The Ironman Mode has been available for you all to play since a couple days before, but we found that a lot of RS fans still don't know how to start an Ironman mode. Therefore, RSorder thinks it necessary to offer you a practical guide to help you adventure wildly with Ironman. If you found it too difficult to play Ironman, you can also convert to Normal RS accounts. Start An Ironman Account

How to start your Ironman mode?

To start this thrilling mode, you need to register an Ironman account first of all. Right-click on the randomize butter in the Design your Hero section to unlock an advanced section of the interface, then you be able to select Ironman or Hardcore Ironman mode for your new account. Make your choice and then continue with the account creation process as normal.

Your game experience of Ironman mode will be restricted in certain ways.

When you are playing Ironman mode, your RS gaming will be restricted in a couple of ways. Below are some restrictions of great importance.

1.No any Player-to-player trade. Except for the using of Bonds for stuff purchasing, you cannot use the Grand Exchange.

2.Unable to pick up RS items from the floor, including those drops by other players or RS monsters killed by other players.

3.Unable to activate Lootshare or participate in the assist system. You need to depend on yourself completely.

4.Several ordinary activities, distractions and diversions, and minigames are limited or disabled completely. For instance, Treasure Hunter event, Barbarian Assault, Staking are completely disabled, while Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Clan Wars are limited. There are some more, here just picking up some as examples.

How to convert accounts between an Ironman Account and a Hardcore account?

If you found your playing on a Hardcore Ironman account it too tough, you can choose to convert to a normal Ironman account and preserve your account progress.

Ways: To speak to Mr Ex in Edgeville, and he will sell you a jar of divine light for 100,000 coins. Open the jar and you change your Hardcore Iroman account to an Ironman account.

Note: This is a permanent change and cannot be reversed. As long as you open the jar, you left yourself no chance to play in Hardcore mode.

How to convert an Ironman Account to a Normal Account?

If you are sick of the Ironman mode and wants to get back to your normal account, but still you’d like to preserve your account progress, what should you do?

Ways: To speak to Mr Ex in Edgeville, and he’ll sell you a book of diplomacy for 50,000 coins.
You need to read the book carefully to see how your characters interact with others. Afterwards, to decide to remove your Ironman status or to return your access to the restricted game features. Beware, this is also a permanent choice and cannot be reserved.

The above are some knowledge that we wish you know when playing Ironman Account. If you want to learn more Ironman account and Hardcore Ironman Account, head to this news: http://bit.ly/1skjhXg

The RSorder Team

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