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How to Win Diviner's Outfit & More in RS Guthixian Cache?

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Divination is an important in-game skill. To better train the skill, we recommend you the RuneScape Guthixian Cache, a minigame with no skill requirements for admission. In this game, you are able to have fun collecting memories of Guthix. Besides, you can win rewards like Diviner's outfit. 

What is Guthixian Cache?

RuneScape Guthixian Cache is a Distraction and Diversion with no skill requirements for entry. However, if your Divination level reaches a certain threshold, you can get more points from memories collecting and converting. To collect the memories of Guthix, you need to hop into an energy rift at most wisp colonies, which appear 10 minutes per hour. You can also win Divination experience, three temporary passive benefits, and a Diviner's outfit as rewards.

Tips on winning Diviner's outfit in Guthixian Cache

1.To move faster between the unstable rift and memory deposits, Surge ability is recommended. 
2.Body or leg armour piece with Mobile is also recommended if you have access to Invention.
3.Combined use of Surge and Bladed Dive is able to help you quickly move to and from the memory and rift.
4.Moving with a number of other players decreases the possibility of you being targeted by active automatons.
5.When there’s no other players, or when there are too many active automatons, first subdue the automatons, then convert the memories.
6.When you are in human form, use double points ability by carrying a memory to the rift, activating the ability immediately before depositing, then running back.
7.If you are in Cres' form, and there’s no other players nearby, use the double points ability before an Enraged automaton reactivates.

Hope with the above tips we offer, you can easily gain Divination experience, Diviner's outfit and more from the RuneScape Guthixian Cache. With the RS gold from us, the game is bond to be easier to crack.

The RSorder Team


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