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Invention Trainning Tips - How to Train Runescape Invention Skill

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Invention skill has come to Runescape, have you tired this brand new skill in game? Invention is a elite skill and it is worth for you to spare some time and money to have a try. If you need RS gold to benefit the most of the skill, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. Apart from enough money for Invention, it is also very necessary for you to learn some useful tips before you start training this kill. Here are our tips on how to train Invention skill.

Beginning Tips for Invention skill:How to Train Runescape Invention Skill

1. If you don't have items to disassemble, buy items from NPC shops.
2. Untradeable Broad arrows can be Disassembled.
3. Royal bolts are 56% junk and are still below 60gp each, 10k/4 hrs buy limit. (Good choice if you need some cheap quick materials compared to the rune items).
4. Dragon defender are good to dismantle if you got some.
5. Bandos, Armadyl, subjugation shields always give god items.
6. Crystal flasks are best for "clear" parts.
7. Broad arrows/bolts give same parts as god arrows and dark arrows with same percent of junk.
8. Super melee potion 1% junk same as adrenaline but can be bought.
9. Black knives give Knightly parts 100%.
10. A good base weapon for Augmenting are Black Salamanders, level your weapon to level 10 and disassemble for big gains and minimal loses.

Tips to determine the modules from left to right:

1. Note the inspiration cost.
2. Switch first module with second module, and note inspiration cost.
3. Switch first module with third module, and note inspiration cost.
4. Repeat until all modules have been tried at first slot.
Use the minimum inspiration cost module on the first slot, and then move onto the next. Repeat until optimisation is perfect.

Good moneymaking tip

Make jewelry. After making an item it sells for 3 times the buy price. This may fluctuate as the skill progresses. It is also work by buying a magic log for 1k and sell magic stock for 3k.

It is really fun and rewarding to train Invention skill. If you need RS 3 gold while training invention skill, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. If you have not achieved the training requirement, just buy RS gold cheap on RSorder to help you. You can use up to 8% discount code to get cheapest RS gold on our site.

The RSorder Team

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