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Join in OSRS Deadman Mode Permadeath Stage Beta on May 24

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OSRS Deadman Mode Permadeath stage beta goes live soon with two playtests. As participation is open to everyone, you could join in the beta and help to test the Deadman content and enjoy intense PvP action at the same time.

Schedule of OSRS Deadman Permadeath beta

Deadman Permadeath stage beta is live on May 24, 2019. Open to everyone, two playtests offer the chance to players to test OSRS Deadman Mode content and enjoy some intense PvP action.
1. The 1st Playtest
The login period will be available at 10:45 (BST) or 09:45 (UTC)
The Permadeath stage begins at 11:00 (BST) or 10:00 (UTC)
2. The 2nd Playtest
The login period is available at 14:45 (BST) or 13:45 (UTC)
The Permadeath stage begins at 15:00 (BST) or 14:00 (UTC)

Basics of OSRS Deadman Mode Permadeath stage

Usually the Permadeath stage beta playtests takes place on a world that doesn’t use your saved game profile, which is commonly called Unrestricted/Tournament Worlds. Therefore, players are able to visit the world and play without affecting their own account’s stats, items or position in the other game worlds, and any progress they make on the Unrestricted World will be wiped when they log out. Logging in and out during the OSRS Deadman Permadeath stage beta playtest will reset players’ state in the beta, so if you wish to avoid being reset you are advised not to log out.

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