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Join in RS Breaking the Storm for Big Event Mystery Box & More

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Head to the Varrock Dig Site and help build a boat for travelling to the island of Anachronia! As RS Breaking the Storm event has been active now, you could use you skills to build the boat, collect crest fragments, and gain the big event mystery box and other rewards for your effort.

Skill schedule of RS Breaking the Storm event

Breaking the Storm RuneScape is a new community event running from June 24 to July 8, 2019. During this event, you have a chance to help build a boat at the Varrock Dig Site.
The boat is built in four phases during Breaking the Storm RuneScape event. Here is the skill schedule:
Phase 1 (from June 24) – Farming, Woodcutting, Construction
Phase 2 (from June 27) – Smithing and Construction
Phase 3 (from June 29) – Magic and Invention
Phase 4 (from July 4) – Divination and Crafting
Note: 10% more experience is offered in the “Breaking the Storm” area.
Breaking the Storm RuneScape

Collect crest fragments for Mr Mordaut’s task

A special task can be received from Mr Mordaut RuneScape at the Digsite, which requires you to collect crest fragments hidden across the site. You can obtain the Eva’s alerter from Eva (north of Mr Mordaut), and interact with the Eva’s alerter if you are in the vicinity of a fragment.
Here are the locations of 5 crest fragments:
1. North of the boat, next to the winch
2. West of the boat, next to an oak tree and pink flowers
3. In the dig area immediately west of the boat
4. South-west of the boat, in the dig area containing a cart
5. South of the boat, next to a stationery Archaeologist
After collecting all fragments, combine them in the inventory and speak to Mr Mordaut. You will gain 500 Boat materials and a Tome of knowledge granting Magic XP for completing this task.

Gain big event mystery box & more rewards

You can gain some great rewards after completing the main Breaking the Storm event, including RuneScape Varrock Agent outfit, big event mystery box, and Mordaut Jr. companion pet. You can exchange RuneScape Boat materials for what you want. Here is the list of the rewards:
Varrock Agent Boots
Big event mystery box
Varrock Agent Gloves
Varrock Agent Faulds
Varrock Agent Tunic
Varrock Agent Cowl
Big event mystery box
Flag resting
Mordaut jr.
“Stormbreaker” title

Have you participated in Breaking the Storm RuneScape event and gain the big event mystery box? Simply come to RSorder when you need more RuneScape gold!

The RSorder Team

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