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Join in RS Double Dragon Chests for Chests & Ice Cube Token

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The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Double Dragon Chests has been active for limited time. Until Jan. 25th, enjoy dragon chests and ice cube token from Treasure Hunter.

RS Double Dragon Chests active in TH

RS3 Double Dragon Chests is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, running from January 19th to January 25th 2021. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, the standard chests are randomly replaced by dragon chests. After opening a chest, you are offered three prizes of same rarity to pick from.
In addition, you will be offered the RS ice chest during this TH promo. The ice chest will contain RS ice cube token (1-10) as the first choice.

Prizes from RS3 Double Dragon Chests

Here you could learn prizes that can be obtained from this Double Dragon Chests Treasure Hunter promotion:
Adamant chests, granting 2X the amount of prizes
Rune chests, granting 3X the amount of prizes
Dragon chests, granting 4X the amount of prizes
God chests, granting 5X the amount of prizes
Double dragon chests, granting double the amount of normal dragon chests
Ice chest, granting RS ice cube token. You can combine 10 ice cube tokens to make an Earhart the penguin token, which can be used to unlock the Earhart pet.

Don’t forget to participate in RS Double Dragon Chests 2021 if you want these prizes. Moreover, you can find cheap RS gold with high security from our site.

The RSorder Team

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