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Join in RS Time to Train for Double XP Weekend Extended 2020

  • RS 3 Gold 202M
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $39.59

  • OS 30000K+Free 300K
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $27.59

  • OSR 40att 80str 1def
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $35.00


The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Time to Train has been active now. The rewards gained from Time to Train can be used for training during RS Double XP Weekend Extended from Feb. 21st.

RS Time to Train TH promo until Feb. 24th

RS Time to Train is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion running from February 20 to February 24, 2020. During this TH promo, you have a chance of obtaining various rewards to facilitate training during Double XP Weekend.
Here is a list of prizes available in RS Time to Train Treasure Hunter promotion:
Advanced pulse core
Cinder core
Combat training dummy crate (large)
Protean pack (large, medium and small)
Skill training dummy crate (large and medium)
Portable skilling pack
Protean powerup
Silverhawk feathers
Spirit onyx
Variety pack

RS DXP Weekend Extended until Mar. 1st

You can use items gained from Time to Train during RS Double XP Weekend Extended, running from February 21st to March 1st, 2020. During RS DXP weekend, you are able to enjoy a full 48 hours of 100% XP boost if you are a member. There will be a XP timer starting ticking once you log in the game, and how much Double XP time left can be seen via the interface. Any unused Double XP time will be removed when this double XP event ends.

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The RSorder Team

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