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Join in RSorder Facebook Mimic Show to Get Free RS3 & RS07 Gold Giveaways

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Hello, RS fans, RSorder Facebook would like to have a weekly Mimic Show for a bit fun. Joining in our Mimic Show, you can get free RS3 and RS07 gold giveaways via RSorder Facebook. Keep focusing on RSorder facebook, you'll find the latest discount code for cheapest RS3 gold and OSRS gold, now as well as free RS gold giveaways.

What’s Mimic Show on RSorder Facebook?

As we mentioned above, Mimic Show is a weekly event on RSorder Facebook. Each time, we will post a location on our Facebook, and then we hope you can send us a picture of you in that same location for a PRIZE. Well, get it? In order to let you know Mimic Show clearly, we would like to take the following event as an example.

A vivid example for RSorder Mimic Show:

1.What we want you to do:

Where is our intrepid explorer?
Send us a picture of you in this location for a Prize!

RSorder Mimic Party Picture

2.What you need to do:

Post your picture of the same location on RSorder Facebook. For example:

RSorder Mimic Party Fan's Picture

3.Our winners-Chosen at random.

Based on the pictures you send us on RSorder Facebook, we would like to choose our lucky dogs at random for free RS3 & RS07 gold giveaways. Of course, we will take into consideration of location similarities as a basic principle. Then we will post the list of winners on RSorder Facebook.

How can you get your free RS3/RS07 gold giveaways?

After we have announced the winner-list, winners must get their Prize code from Facebook admin, who’s the person telling you how you can get your free RS gold giveaways. Thus, winners shouldn’t hesitate to send email to the admin on our Facebook page.

Notes and Terms of Mimic Show:

1.No any account information included on the picture you send.
2.Entry requirements will be made clear at the time of each event on RSorder Facebook, including the opening and closing dates and times for entries.
3.Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt pictures will not be accepted.
4.It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure your picture not to be copied.
5.Winners can only contact 24/7 Live Chat service for RS gold giveaways delivery with the Prize Code gotten from RSorder Facebook admin.
6.RSorder reserves the right to ask for verification of the identity of any entrant at any time and may carry out checks of any details provided.

RSorder is always devoted to provide interesting parties for you to save as much money as possible. Focusing on RSorder Facebook, you will get the latest news of our activities for cheapest RS gold buying, RS gold free bonus, and RS gold free giveaways etc. Meanwhile, latest RS gaming updates and guides can be found there too. Like RSorder Facebook to join in Mimic Party and be one of our Facebook members instantly.

Note: We have recently changed the name of this event from Mimic Party to Mimic Show, no any rules are changed, but we hope you would like to perform us impressive show every week with vivid mimic location.

The RSorder Team

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