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Learn Abyssal Sire OSRS Changes & Improvements on Nov. 28th

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There are some changes and improvements made to OSRS Abyssal Sire with the update this week. You could read the details below to learn what has happened in game.

Changes & adjustment to Abyssal Sire OSRS

According to the latest official news post, the following improvements have been made on the Abyssal Sire OSRS:
1. You will not deal “lost” hits and the Sire transitions anymore when expected during phases.
2. The Abyssal Sire can now be re-stunned with OSRS Shadow spells during the first phase while it is still stunned. Here is the information on success chances: 
Shadow Rush: 25% 
Shadow Burst: 50% 
Shadow Blitz: 75% 
Shadow Barrage: 100%
3. You can now stun the Abyssal Sire to begin the fight, which will still trigger its waking-up animation. You will not know until it's fully awake if the stun was successful, unless Shadow Barrage was used.

General information on Abyssal Sire OSRS

The Abyssal Sire is an abyssal demon boss requiring level 85 Slayer to kill. It is located in the Abyssal Nexus, south of the Abyss used for Runecraft. To access there, you could use the fairy ring code “dip”. There are four chambers in the Nexus where Sire can be found, which allows multiple people to fight the Sire per world, similar to Cerberus.

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The RSorder Team

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