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Learn Archaeology RS3 New Skill with Basics, Rewards & More

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A new RS3 skill named Archaeology has been revealed at RuneFest 2019. Here you could learn some detailed information on this Archaeology RS3 new skill, including the basics, dig sites and rewards.

General information on Archaeology RS3 skill

Revealed at RuneFest 2019, RS Archaeology is a new skill which is currently planned to be released in January 2020. Archaeology will have maximum level of 120 and be available up to level 20 for F2P players.
When RS Archaeology is released, there will be an embargo on bonus XP, lamps and other skill boosts to train this skill, which will last for 6 month. However, there is a chance to obtain an elite skilling outfit for Archaeology through an alternative method to the fragment system.

Dig sites for RS Archaeology gathering

With this RS new skill you will obtain some materials from excavation hotspots at the following dig sites:
Varrock Dig Site
Kharid-Et: can be unlocked at level 5 Archaeology. Managed by Dr Nabanik, it can be found east of Al-Kharid and south of the Duel Arena.
Everlight: can be unlocked at level 20 Archaeology. It can be found east of Meiyerditch and south of the Araxyte Hive.
The Infernal Source: can be unlocked at level 20 Archaeology. It can be found underneath the Wilderness Volcano.
Stormguard Citadel

In addition, there will be a new tool called RS mattock to excavate in these areas. You are able to use better mattocks as you level.

Rewards gained from RS Archaeology

1. Ancient Summoning
After completing content in the Infernal Source, you will be able to learn how to bind powerful demons through the Summoning skill. Ancient Summoning will involve the use of binding contracts, forged from charms and materials gathered from the Infernal Source. Monsters include the Ripper Demon, Abyssal demon and Kal’gerion demon.
2. Ancient Invention
While training Archaeology, you will uncover the ancient technology and blueprints of a Da Vince-like character. The new ancient gizmo will have weapon, tool and armour variants which allow the creation of new perks. It will have 9 slots.
3. Relics
Relics are gained through gameplay, and provide a permanent passive buff when unlocked. You can have up to 3 of their unlocked relic powers active at once time. It will cost chronotes to change powers.
4. Artefact weapons
Artefact weapons can be found while excavating. You will be able to restore them to become weapons, including the spear of annihilation.

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