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Learn Benefits from RuneScape Summer Weekends 2018

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It’s time for your Summer Holidays. And there are RuneScape Summer Weekends 2018 coming from July 21, during which you will be able to enjoy boost of XP, drop chances, skilling perks, clue scrolls rewards and more. Let’s learn further details and get RS mobile gold from us. 

General information about Summer Weekends

Summer Weekends 2018 are a series of events taking place through weekends, which will last from July 21 to August 19. And during the entire 5 week duration, you will be able to enjoy the Player-owned Ports bonuses, including: 
1.25 voyages per day;
2.30% extra resources or trade goods returned from All player-owned ports voyages;
3.Ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays, Sundays & Thursdays.
Besides, there are various benefits waiting for you to enjoy every weekend, such as boost of XP, drop chances, skilling perks and clue scrolls. 

Benefits for the first Summer Weekend

The first Summer Weekend from 21st to 22nd July mainly focuses on Menaphos & Sophanem, and these are the benefits you will receive:
1.New City Quests appearing twice as fast after completing a City Quest;
2.Increasing 75% XP from Shifting Tombs; 
3.Increasing 50% reputation in Menaphos;
4.Bigger chance to receive Menaphite Gift Offerings;
5.25% increased Slayer XP within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon;
6.Bonus chance of jewelled statuettes while wearing a ring of wealth and 2X chance of sceptre of the gods and black ibis while at Pyramid Plunder;
7.2X XP from Plover bird hunting;
8.50% increased base chance to successfully pickpocket in Menaphos;
9.3X experience from harvesting Luminous Wisps (converting memories remains the same experience rate).
Please note that some above bonuses can not be received by Ironmen. 

Just feel free to enjoy the Summer Weekends in-game and have a good summer with RS mobile gold on sale here. 

The RSorder Team 

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