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Learn Changes to The Nightmare OSRS with Update on Nov. 11

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Some changes and improvements have been made to The Nightmare OSRS. Read the details below for more information.

Drop chance of OSRS Little Nightmare rescaled

According to the latest The Nightmare and Chambers of Xeric QoL official blog, the drop chance of Little Nightmare pet has been rescaled depending on the size of your group. Here you could learn the new drop chances:

Number of Players Chance to Drop
1 1/800
2 1/1600
3 1/2400
4 1/3200
5+ 1/4000

More changes to The Nightmare OSRS on Nov. 11

1. The Nightmare's initial start timer has been reduced from 40s to 30s. Now you can disturb her again upon her defeat to start the next fight in 10s.
2. The scaling for The Nightmare’s shield and totems has been changed. For groups of five or more, 200 and 30 health will be added to her shield and the totems per player, which is decreased from 400 and 60, respectively.
3. Damage from parasites and husks have been completely negated if the correct protection prayers have been used.
4. An audio bug has been fixed in which the sound effect for The Nightmare's Confusion Curse ended too quietly.
5. An issue was fixed where OSRS Nightmare would sometimes appear to face away from the player who took damage because she was re-targeting the player with the highest Defence halfway through her attack.

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The RSorder Team

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