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Learn New Contents of RS Farming Guild with Farming 120 Update

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The update on Farming is coming soon with The Ranch Out of Time expansion. Various new contents will be added to RS Farming Guild, including Farming reputation, Farming requests and more.

RS Farming Guild updated with Farming 120

The maximum possible skill level for Farming will be increased to 120 on November 25th. With this update, RS Manor Farm is transformed into the official Farming Guild. Here are some new contents added to RS Farming Guild:
Dino Farm Teleport - Manor upstairs
Farming Reputation
Money Tree Patch
Bloodwood Tree Patch
Spirit Tree Patch
Remote Farming Device
Farming Requests

Gain Farming reputation in Farming Guild

There will be 7 Tiers of Reputation which cap out at 2.5M reputation. You will gain farming reputation for each action any time you do anything farming related.
Tier 1 Apprentice Farmer - 4,000 reputation
Reward: Ability to plant a 4th spirit tree with 114 Farming.
Tier 3 Competent Farmer - 25,000 reputation
Reward: Ability to build the Remote farm machine. Shiny animals can sell for 10% more beans.
Tier 4 Expert Farmer - 75,000 reputation
Reward: Animals have less chance of becoming diseased. Buyers on farms can buy twice as many small animals.

Farming Guild requests related to Farming

There will be 3 Farm NPCs located outside RS Farming Guild:
Easy - Daily cycle
Medium - 3 Day cycle
Hard - 7 Day cycle
They will request various things related to Farming, including seeds, produce and animals. There will be similar requests, but not the exact same. Rewards include Farming reputation, unique themed reward and Brassica Primer.

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