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Learn OSRS Ice Mountain Dungeon Skilling Activities & Rewards

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OSRS Ice Mountain Dungeon is a new f2p area which will be released with the Below Ice Mountain quest. In this new dungeon you will enjoy various skilling activities and new rewards.

How to unlock OSRS Ice Mountain Dungeon?

Ice Mountain Dungeon can be unlocked after completion of OSRS Below Ice Mountain quest. 16 Quest Points are required to start this Below Ice Mountain quest.

Activities in Ice Mountain Dungeon OSRS

1. Religious Offerings
Religious Offerings is a skilling activity for Prayer. There are various rare cave fish in the caves deep below Ice Mountain. You can offer cave fish within the ruins to train your Prayer skill.
2. Golem Cores
Golem Cores is a skilling activity for Runecraft. Within the ruins you can hunt and kill Golems. When defeating Golems, there is a chance to obtain corrupted Cores, which can be used at the relevant Runecraft altar for XP and runes.
3. Gathering Relics
Gathering Relics is a skilling activity for Mining and Smithing.
You can mine Barronite rocks to find Barronite and Barronite deposits, which can be smelted down to obtain additional Barronite and Ancient Relics.
4. The Vault
The Vault is a new minigame in Ice Mountain Dungeon. You can access the Vault by handing in a unique material Barronite OSRS. You will have one minute to loot as many chests as you can and then reach the exit. The locations of chests will be randomised.

Barronite Mace OSRS & More rewards

Barronite Mace OSRS is an untradeable mace with three components:
Barronite Handle, which can be found while hunting for cave fish
Barronite Pommel, which can be obtained from Golems
Barronite Head, which can be found while breaking down Barronite deposits
After collecting all these components, you are able to combine them to create the Barronite Mace. This crush weapon will require 40 Attack, and provide extra accuracy and damage when fighting Golems.
In addition, there is also a chance to obtain the Dwarven Hammer and Ruins Area buffs as rewards. The Dwarven Hammer OSRS is a members-only untradeable hammer. It can be equipped in the main-hand.

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