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Learn OSRS Last Man Standing Changes & Other Fixes on Mar. 19

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This week sees the release of some changes to Last Man Standing changes OSRS and other fixes. Read the details below to learn what changes have been made in game.

Changes to Last Man Standing OSRS

According to the latest “Last Man Standing Changes” official news post, the following changes have been made to Last Man Standing OSRS with the update on March 19th 2020:
1. The buy-in fee for competitive game modes in Last Man Standing has been removed.
2. Players who show no signs of valid progression during a Last Man Standing session will become attackable while in combat with another player.
4. Bloody and bloodier keys now have a chance to give OSRS mithril seeds, which will only be usable in the minigame.

Other changes with update on Mar. 19th

There are some other changes with the OSRS LMS changes:
1. The Spellbook Swap perk’s menu can show how many more times it can be used that day.
2. The word “diary” is pluralised on the Achievement Diaries menu.
3. Some cat-related messages are removed from the spam filter.
4. Players can now speak to Logosia to enable or disable receiving Sun, Temple and Moon pages after completing the In Search of Knowledge OSRS miniquest.
5. Female characters can hold mud staves correctly.
6. The Zamorak castle in Castle Wars has the same battlement options as the Saradomin castle.

What do you think about these changes to OSRS Last Man Standing changes? Anyway, we offer OSRS gold for sale with high security and fast delivery.

The RSorder Team

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