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Learn OSRS Master Clue Scroll Reward Competition & Players’ Idea

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The Old School team plans to release a reward for completion of 100 OSRS Master Clue scrolls, and they want all of you to design it. Here you can learn the deadline, how to join in the player-designed content competition and other details. Meanwhile, we will share some ideas from the players.

OSRS Master Clue scroll reward competition details

1.Subject: Designing a reward for completing 100 Clue scrolls (master). 
2.Requirements: A cosmetic item, which can be an item for any equipment slot or an entire outfit. Besides, if there are any icons or symbols in the design, please keep them simple. 
3.Entry way: Email your design to [email protected], including the subject line Master Clue Reward Competition, your RS display name and attaching your entry as a JPEG file. 
4.Deadline for the entries: September 10th, 2018.
5.Process: When stopping receiving the entries, the team will choose 3 designs to be polled, and the design receiving the most votes from the community will win. finally it will be released in game with further possible prizes to be confirmed. 

Some players’ fun suggestions for now

It seems many players have interest in the competition, and here are two pictures of fun suggestions they come up with until now:  

100 Master Clue Scroll reward advice 1    100 Master Clue Scroll Reward Advice 2
Both of them have received positive comments from Jmods. And some players even give some advice about the name of the left one design: Caskhead, Casket Head, & Casket Case. 

What do you think of the above ideas? Or why not begin your own design for Master clue Reward Competition right now? Plus, if you want to buy cheap RuneScape 2007 gold, you can come here too. 

The RSorder Team 

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