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Learn OSRS Poll 71 with Chambers of Xeric Changes & Others

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The focus of OSRS poll 71 is on PvM. Here you could learn details of changes to OSRS Chambers of Xeric and others in this poll.

When is OSRS poll 71 active?

OSRS poll 71 is active from May 6th to May 12th, 2020. There are 40 questions in this poll.

Proposed changes to Chambers of Xeric

1. The magic defence on the melee vanguard may be removed, while the melee defence increased.
2. Vanguards' defence may be reduced, while their hitpoints will be augmented.
3. A visual cue may be added to each vanguard, which will indicate when their health is too high or low and the fight is at risk of resetting. Appearances will be different when the vanguard is too healthy or too hurt.
4. A HUD can be added to vanguards and all Chambers of Xeric bosses, which allows the health bracket to be displayed at which vanguards will reset.
5. The size of the bracket of the vanguards’ reset mechanic will be increased for raids with less than 5 players.
6. The vanguards’ aggro range will be reduced to make it less likely to be attacked by multiple vanguards when standing in the corners of the room.
7. At least one Overload potion drop will be guaranteed from vanguards.
8. The chance of getting grubs from chests in OSRS Chambers of Xeric will be based on Thieving levels.
9. Thieving level will increase the chance of getting multiple grubs from a chest, or increase the overall chance of finding a grub.
10. Potion drops will appear on top of raid supplies and bones.
11. Construction of an extra-large storage unit will be allowed within the Chambers of Xeric, holding up to 1,500 supplies. It will require 99 Construction and an additional 2 planks to build the unit.
12. Vespula's flying form will be added to the Olmlet metamorphosis list. Tekton's enraged form will be added to the Olmlet metamorphosis list.
13. The Twisted Ornament Kit will be added to the Chambers of Xeric (Challenge Mode) loot table. Using the kit with Ancestral Robes will recolour them to the Twisted theme.

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