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Learn OSRS Quality of Life & Treasure Trail Changes April 18

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This week we see some OSRS QoL changes and feedback changes after the release of Treasure Trail expansion. You can read the details below to learn what changes and improvements have been made in game.

Quality of Life Improvements on Apr 18

Salve Amulet (ei): is distinct from the Salve amulet (e) after being recoloured.
Dramen Staff: is no longer an autocasting weapon.
Bird Houses: a left click/tap “build” option is added to erect the best bird house in your inventory.
Shilo Village: a left click/tap “follow” option is added to Mosol Rei. This option can make you gain entry to Shilo village quickly, skipping the area with the Undead Ones.

OSRS Treasure Trail changes & more

1. The tomb of Rashiliyia has been changed to a single way combat zone.
2. The issue that adding OSRS beginner clue to skilling drops decreased the chances of other clue types was fixed.
3. The 3rd age plateskirt will not disappear on the floor from certain angles anymore.
4. You cannot spawn multiple Saradomin and Zamorak wizards during hard clues anymore.
5. GE Prices of new Treasure Trail rewards have been calibrated.
6. The appearance of Karamja gloves in Perdu’s shop is updated.
7. Vesta’s Spear works as a spear for damaging the Corporeal Beast (DMM).
8. The design of Torn Master clue scroll parts has been updated.
9. The messages that appear when you use Secateurs on fully grown trees in Farming patches have been clarified.
10. W493 has become a themed world for Pyramid Plunder.
11. The 3rd age ring obtained from OSRS Mimic boss can no longer be used in the Wilderness.

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The RSorder Team

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