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Learn OSRS Revenant Guide & Buy Cheap OSRS Gold

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Along with the improvements for the Revenant drop table this week, many players begin to have another wave of interest in the Revanants. That’s why today we will share an easy OSRS Revenant guide with those persons. Don’t forget to buy cheap OSRS gold from us. 

Some general information about Revenants 

Generally speaking, the Revenants are the ghostly versions of creatures slain during the God Wars and they can be found in the Revenant Caves within multi-combat Wilderness in level 28 to 34. These extremely dangerous monsters are able to hit very high and accurately for monsters of their combat levels. 

Ways to enter the Revenant Caves 

There are several ways to get into the caves.
1.You can be teleported to outside the Lava Maze or the Bandit Camp with a burning amulet.
2.You can get to the level 35 obelisk with the Wilderness Obelisks before heading north to find the high levelled entrance. 
3.You can make a waka canoe to go into the Wilderness with level 57 Woodcutting. After that, you need run north-west to the high levelled 
4.You can get to the caves directly with a Ravenant cave teleport (only at the lower levelled entrance. 

Guide for the Revenants

For the entire area is regarded as the Wilderness, you should look out for other players’ attack first. And it’s not recommended to use the lower levelled entrance when without level 84 Agility. In addition, the monsters are able to use all three types of attack. You must wear a charged bracelet of ethereum all the time to avoid their damage and aggression. 

After you buy cheap OSRS gold here, hopefully you can win as many valuable rewards from Revenants as possible. 

The RSorder Team 

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