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Learn OSRS Warding Latest Changes & Beta Plan for All Players

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The latest Old School official news post has talked about some new changes made to OSRS Warding, the brand-new skill mage armour production skill. Read the information below to learn some significant changes and the OSRS Warding beta plan.

Highlights of OSRS Warding changes

OSRS Warding is a new skill which teaches players the art of making magical equipment, items, and tools from wizards in Gielinor. According to the latest Warding blog, some significant changes have been made to this new skill:
1. BattleWards are removed.
2. Venomous Armour, Kinhunter Armour and Cosmos Armour are removed.
3. Steatite and Wardstones are removed.
4. Vis variants are reduced from 12 to 5.
5. Channeling lamp variants are reduced from 3 to 1.
6. Imbues will be added to Warding as an additional method of obtaining it.
7. New reward suggestions are added.
8. Ward Shops are added.
9. Oversaturated Farming methods for resource gathering are added to Hunter.
10. Charts on skill training loops are added.
11. XP Rates are added.
12. Combination Runes are removed.

OSRS Warding beta committed for all

To ensure players are able to play OSRS Warding content and give the feedback in real time, the develop team is committing to at least one beta(s) which will be accessible to all players. The team will also look to address all rewards and content during OSRS Warding beta testing.
In addition, the development of the Warding skill will be collaborative between the development team and community. The beta will enable players to work with the develop team on details, in order to make the Warding skill that players want.

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The RSorder Team

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