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Learn Proposed Changes to Skull Sceptre OSRS & More in Poll 73

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Some new Quality of Life improvements are revealed in the latest official blog. Read the details below for changes to Skull Sceptre OSRS, Jar of Darkness and others.

Proposed changes to Skull Sceptre OSRS

According to the latest OSRS Poll 73 Game Improvements Blog, a few changes are proposed for the Skull Sceptre. Here are the details:
1. The base number of charges on OSRS Skull Sceptre can be increased from 5 base charges to 10. After completing the Varrock Achievement Diary tiers, it will be increased to 14, 18, 22 and 26 respectively. Currently the completion of these diaries raises the total charges to 7, 9, 11 and 13.
2. You can be allowed to crush Skull Sceptre pieces into tradable chunks, which can be used to charge the imbued Skull Sceptre.
3. The Skull Sceptre may no longer be destroyed on death.

More proposed changes in OSRS poll 73

More changes and improvements are also proposed in OSRS poll 73:
-There will be a right click option to the Estate Agent, which will allow you to quickly move or redecorate their homes.
-The drop rate of the Jar of Darkness OSRS will be changed from 1/2,500 to 1/500.
-The PoH Combat dummy will be expanded to include the suggested functionality. 53 Construction is required to attach these upgrades.
-If you have reached 99 slayer, you will be allowed to show your Skill Cape once to any Slayer Master.
-There will be a right click option added to Gnome Gliders, which will allow you to travel to your last destination quickly.
-A Beekeepers outfit may be added to go with the Beekeeper random event.

What do you think about these changes in OSRS poll 73? Anyway, you could find cheap OSRS gold with 5% free bonus from our site.

The RSorder Team

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