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Learn Proposed Changes to the Gauntlet OSRS & Others in Poll 71

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The recent official news post has revealed some proposed changes for the 71th Game Improvement Poll. Here you could learn the proposed changes to the Gauntlet OSRS, Corrupted Gauntlet and others.

Proposed changes to the Gauntlet OSRS

1. The inner square of rooms in The Gauntlet may be predetermined to always contain the same basic resources, which will not apply to the Corrupted Gauntlet OSRS mode.
2. To make demi bosses easier to find, they will be spawned in 6 of the 12 areas on the outer edge of The Gauntlet.
3. The max hit of the Crystal Staff will be buffed to be equivalent to the Crystal bow and Halberd.
4. The number of resources required for upgrading the armour in The Gauntlet will be reduced.
5. Automatic vial smashing will be allowed in The Gauntlet if you have unlocked the ability to smash vials and have the option toggled on.
6. The time taken to cook food and fill vials in The Gauntlet will be reduced to just one tick.

Proposed changes to Grotesque Guardians

Here are also some proposed changes made to OSRS Grotesque Guardians:
1. The lighting transition may be removed when Dawn flies away during the Grotesque Guardians fight, which will allow Dusk to be attackable as soon as Dawn flies away.
2. The Grotesque Guardians will reach their places faster during the transition.
3. The leftover lightning phase transition time will be reduced in the Grotesque Guardians fight.
4. Reduced damage may be allowed to pass through when the phase changes during the Grotesque Guardians fight.

These questions about the Gauntlet and others are planned to be polled in game. Anyway, you could find cheap OSRS gold and more from our site.

The RSorder Team

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