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Learn Rewards Gained from RS3 Desperate Times New Quest

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RS3 Desperate Times is released this month as a new quest. In this quest, players will attend Seren’s council, visit the Needle and solve some puzzles, of course there are some special rewards including the clue scroll reward container and more.

RS3 Desperate Times basics & requirements

RS3 Desperate Times is a new quest released in May 2019 as a continuation of the Elder Gods quest series. The story features Seren RuneScape and follows on from the encounter with Jas during Sliske’s Endgame. In Desperate Times RuneScape quest, players will attend Seren’s council and find a way to appease the Elder Gods and save life on Gielinor, visit the Needle with Thok and Kerapac and try to solve some puzzles.
Quest start point: talk to Seren, the crystalline goddess of the elves in Burthorpe Castle.
1. Completion of You are It and The Needle Skips RuneScape quests
2. Level 50 Mining, Level 50 Smithing and Level 50 Divination

Rewards from Desperate Times RuneScape

Special rewards can be obtained after completing RS3 Desperate Times quest, including the new clue scroll reward container and others:
1. Clue scroll reward container
This new clue scroll reward container can store up to max stack of each clue scroll and casket. When players carry the clue scroll reward container, the clue scroll they picked up will automatically go into the container; the casket will also be stored straight into the container after completing a clue if desired. Notice that a clue must be withdrew to start it.
In addition, soft cap of clues is not being removed.
2. XP lamps
3. 1 Master clue scroll

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The RSorder Team

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