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Learn RS Barbarian Assault Improvement & More Changes Sept. 7

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This week sees the release of RS Barbarian Assault improvement and bug fixes. Read the details below to learn the patch notes this week.

Bug fixes to RS Barbarian Assault this week

The improvement and bug fixes have been made to RS Barb Assault with the update on September 7th 2020. Here are the details:
-The flow of interactions within Barbarian Assault has been improved by removing delays.
-A number of minor bugs in Barbarian Assault have been resolved.
Barbarian Assault is a team-based combat minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. Five players in a team need to work together to defeat ten waves of Penance monsters and the Penance Queen.

More improvements in RS patch notes

Here are some other improvements in RS patch notes this week:
1. “Monkey corpse or monkey skull” is added to the list of items required for Monkey Madness in the Quest Journal.
2. The Quest Journal for Nature Spirit can instruct you to meet Drezel at the Mausoleum to get a blessing.
3. The “Stone's Throw Away” achievement can be completed outside of Build Mode.
4. Messaging has been added for attempting to use Ultra-growth potion on a wider variety of invalid Farming patches.
5. The Minigames tab now appears when teleporting directly to Player Owned Ports via the Captain's Log in the Circus.
6. Fishing spots in the Enchanted Valley can be lured without having a fly fishing rod in the Inventory.
7. You can now water the dying roses in Perils of Ice Mountain by using cans on your Toolbelt.

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The RSorder Team

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