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Learn RS Comp Cape Update with Passive Benefits & More Changes

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The recent RS official news post reveals some significant changes they have made to the Completionist Cape redesign. Here you could learn the detailed changes to Comp Cape passive benefits, added stats and others.

Comp Cape & Trim Comp Cape requirements

The Completionist Cape requirement should require players to participate in enough of the content to understand it, and the Comp Cape should represent players who have played everything. In contrast, the Trim Comp Cape requirement should require players to have completed content, to whatever extent is possible. The player with Trim should be the one who has completed everything in game.

Changes to RuneScape Comp Cape passive benefits

All the benefits of wearing RuneScape Comp Cape have been transformed into passive benefits. Some benefits currently inherited by the Completionist Cape from other capes will be decoupled and accessible through other means. They will become permanent effects, toggleable or activate-able depending on the benefit. Here are some of these benefits:
From the max cape/99 skillcapes
Max Guild teleport
Kandarin monastery teleport
Manor farm teleport
All task rewards (from Ardougne tasks) which require the Completionist Cape to be worn
The arrow retrieval effect
Various thieving bonuses and effects

Reaper reqs removed from RuneScape Comp Cape

As some bosses from the Reaper requirements are very difficult to complete, the Reaper requirements have been removed from RuneScape Completionist Cape. Some Comp Cape stats have become a passive bonus which can be unlocked by completing RuneScape Reaper Crew achievement. Here are the added stats:
+200 HP
+20 Armour
+2 Prayer
+12 Melee Strength
+12 Ranged Strength
+12 Magic Strength
Notice: Players will have 1 month to complete these achievemtns before losing access to their Completionist Cape.

What do you think about these changes to RuneScape Comp Cape? Anyway, you can easily find cheap RuneScape gold from professional RSorder site.

The RSorder Team

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