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Learn RS Patch Notes with Archaeology Changes on July 6th

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This week sees the release of more improvements and fixes to RS Archaeology and others. Read the details below to learn these changes in RS patch notes.

Highlights of RS patch notes on July 6th

Some changes and improvements have been made with the update on July 6th 2020. Here are the highlights of RS update this week:
1. When you use the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum to completely fill an empty divine charge, excess energy now flows into the next empty divine charge, instead of being wasted.
2. If you use an uncharged Divine-O-Matic Vacuum with an active Divine Conversion relic power, you can receive the correct amount of energy when converting memories at an energy rift.
3. It is not necessary to reach Level 75 Ranged to unlock the Mechanised Chinchompa blueprint.

Other Changes in RS patch notes this week

Here are some other improvements made in RS patch notes this week:
1. Arc berry bushes now offer 5% Farming reputation when harvested, in line with other bushes.
2. You will not continue the mining animation indefinitely when mining the ancient rock in the RS Mountain Daughter quest.
3. You can find the Mushroom Patch teleport on the tooltip for the Tirannwn Hard Task Rewards on the Achievement interface.
4. A colon was added to the hover text when mousing over Reaper Points.
5. Misleading info that Max Capes could be taken into Daemonheim has been removed for the Dungeoneering Perk.

What do you think about these changes to RS patch notes this week? If you need cheap RS gold, come to our site at any time and get some fast.

The RSorder Team

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