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Learn RS The Dig Site Quest & Varrock Dig Site Improvements

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The latest RS official news post reveals the information on the Varrock Dig Site update. Here you could learn various changes and improvements made to Varrock Dig Site and The Dig Site quest.

QoL improvements in RS Varrock Dig Site

1. The globetrotter outfit RuneScape can teleport players directly to a certain underground clue if they have completed the Dig Site quest.
2. The player character will not sink into the ground around the site anymore.
3. The winches on the surface properly match up with the relative positions of the caves below.
4. A tool cupboard is added in the exam centre to replace any tools students or workmen might have misplaced.

Changes to The Dig Site RuneScape quest

1. There are hint boxes in this quest.
2. Digging spots can just be clicked on.
3. All hand-ins are handled via left click interactions.
4. There is a new NPC named RuneScape Seth Minas who will keep students on-site throughout the quest.
5. Cups of tea will spawn in one of the new buildings.
6. There are now fewer bushes to search for lost objects.
7. Multiple panning trays can be carried and filled all up before they are checked. If players want to pan with only full panning trays, they will automatically check and empty one of their full panning trays first.
8. For members, pickpocketing is a default option on Varrock Dig Site workmen.
9. Players can find the components of the chemical compound used in The Dig Site RuneScape quest in the caves.
10. Ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine can be identified on pickup.
11. It is not necessary to have leather boots and gloves to dig at archaeological grids.
12. Examiners will now offer the appropriate tools for each qualification to reduce theft on-site.
13. The Dig Site quest journal is updated to reflect the changes made to the area.

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The RSorder Team

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