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Learn RS The Needle Skips Guide for Pulling on the Threads & More

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For the past a few hours, the new quest RuneScape The Needle Skips has got a really high comment. If you still haven’t experienced it, now let’s learn the easy guide and complete it fast for the achievement Pulling on the Threads and others. 

The Needle Skips guide

1.Start the quest by searching the Needle at the west of Piscatoris.
2.Search the body on the ground and talk with the shard of the Needle. 
3.Fill in the word “fireplace” and go into the house at the north west to explore the fireplace. 
4.Return to the original place where the Needle is and reach the temporal portal.
5.Talk with the shard and enter the word “birthday”. 
6.Go down stairs to the east and return to Needle. 
7.Enter the temporal portal and talk with the shard, then enter “wenla”. 
8.Return to Needle again and search it.
9.Go to the house and pick the buckthorn bush after crossing the bridge for a buckthorn leaf and buckthorn berry.
10.Click them to grind and crush them respectively. 
11.Go back upstairs in the house and give the smelling salts to Primrose after clicking on her. 
12.Go downstairs and search the bookcase. 
13.Speak to Megan and select to name the demon, saying Meturn. 
14.Use the bottle Use the bottle of crushed berries on the stove. 
15.Go back to the Needle and use the buckthorn salve on Gail.
16.Return to Needle and pick the note. 
17.Give the note to Megan in the house and complete the quest. 

Rewards & Pulling on the Threads 

Completing the novice quest will help you gain a 400th quest point. Besides, if you want to gain Pulling on the Threads achievement (required for the master quest cape) , you need discover all memories in each chapters during the quest.  

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The RSorder Team 

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