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Learn RS Wicked Hood Improvements with Ninja Strike 2020

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Recently some changes and improvements have been made to RS Wicked Hood. Read the details below for information on this update.

RS Wicked Hood updated with Ninja Strike

Recently the Wicked Hood and its Runecrafting capabilities have been updated with the Ninja Strike. Before this update, the Wicked Hood was quite complex to use, with a limit on teleports and confusing option names. Now that’s all been made simpler with this update.

Learn details of Wicked Hood RS3 update

Here you could learn detailed information on RS Wicked Hood changes and improvements with the update in June 2020.
1. The amount of Wicked Hood teleport charges has been increased from 30 to 250.
2. The first option on the Wicked Hood RS3 can be configured so to either “Activate” or “Previous teleport”. It will allow for teleportation via the Action Bar.
3. Now you can check which altar you'll be taken to via The “Previous teleport” option.
4. Withdrawing essences has become faster.
5. Withdrawing runes now prompts you with an input box where you are able to use all your charges at once.
6. Info-boxes have been added in various places. This change is made for better and more descriptive messaging.
7. RS Runecrafting Guild teleport has been more appropriately named.

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The RSorder Team

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