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Learn the Benefits Exclusive to RSorder Members

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Recently, according to our customers’ feedback some RSorder members are not very clear about their privileges. In short, our members can earn loyalty points, speed up order processing, and get free RS gold etc., all are detailed below, read on to learn more.

Loyalty points you can get through various ways

Among RSorder members’ privileges, one of the highlights is loyalty points, which can be used as cash on our site (100 loyalty points equal to $1). Members can earn loyalty points by the following ways: 
1.Once you register to become our member, you will get 100 loyalty points immediately.
2.You will receive 1-10 loyalty points randomly for daily sign-in (the day you register excluded). 
3.At the same time, each time you purchase any products after you log into your account, you can get an amount of loyalty points ($1 grants you 1 loyalty point). 
4.The activities for loyalty points will be held from time to time, in which you can get double loyalty points or more for consumption.
Please note that you cannot earn or use Loyalty points for consumption unless you log into your account before you pay your order. And the amount of Loyalty points you have received can be checked in your account.

The convenience you can enjoy to save your time

As our members, you can save much time. 
1.When you place your order after you log into your account, you don’t have to enter your personal information each time.
2. If you have not paid your order before you leave for some reasons, later you can find your unpaid order to continue the payment in your account. 
3.The orders of our members will be prior processed.

Other privileges for members

We will also host some huge promos only for our members sometimes, such as the giveaway activity, special products, and more. In addition, you will receive our emails regularly, in which you can learn the latest game updates, recent RSorder promos, or some useful game guides in time.

Contact our 24/7 Live Chat for any questions to these details. If you still are not our members, register now to enjoy all of these member privileges.

The RSorder Team

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