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Learn The Nightmare of Ashihama OSRS Boss with Proposed Rewards

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The latest The Nightmare of Ashihama Poll Blog has revealed some information on the new boss, The Nightmare of Ashihama. Here you could learn some details of this monster, including the proposed rewards that will be polled in game.

The Nightmare OSRS: new boss in Slepe

The Nightmare of Ashihama, also called The Nightmare, is an upcoming boss monster which was revealed at Runefest 2019. The Nightmare originates from the island of Ashihama, and now it has been drawn to the Morytanian city of Slepe.
According to the The Nightmare of Ashihama Poll Blog, The Nightmare OSRS is now located in the Sisterhood Sanctuary below Slepe. To access there, you could run south of Port Phasmatys, or pay 10,000 coins to Andras to take a boat. You will find Shura OSRS there offering some information. A timer will count down to the arrival of the boss when the first player steps through the barrier. Once The Nightmare spawns, no more players are allowed to enter the encounter.
The Nightmare of Ashihama

Proposed rewards from The Nightmare OSRS

Here are the proposed rewards gained from The Nightmare of Ashihama OSRS in the poll blog:
1. Inquisitor's Mace
The Inquisitor's Mace is an 1-handed crush weapon, which will be tradeable and requires 75 Attack to equip.
2. Staff of Nightmares
The Staff of Nightmares is a magic weapon requiring 65 Magic to equip. It will autocast both standard and ancient spells.
3. Orbs
There is also a chance of obtaining 3 different orbs from The Nightmare of Ashihama: Harmonised Orb (blue), Volatile Orb (orange) and Eldritch Orb (green).
4. Siren's Tome
Siren's Tome is a magical tome created by the sirens of Ashihama. It will be tradeable and require 75 Magic to equip.
5. Inquisitor's Armour
The Inquisitor's Armour is a new set of melee armour, focusing on crush accuracy and defence. The armour consists of three pieces: the Inquisitor's Great Helm, the Inquisitor's Hauberk and the Inquisitor's Tassets. All these pieces require 70 Strength and 30 Defence to equip.

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The RSorder Team

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