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Learn Tips for OSRS Twisted League Preparation & Gameplay

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New game mode Twisted League is coming soon with the update on Thursday. Now you could learn some useful tips and get ready to complete tasks on Kourend and Kebos for points when the Twisted League is released.

OSRS Twisted League coming on Nov. 14th

The Twisted League is the first iteration of OSRS League, running from November 14th 2019 to January 16th 2020. The update will take place at 10:30am GMT with the standard 30 min countdown. OSRS Twisted League worlds will be available from 11:30am after this update.
The Twisted League is a new game mode where you will complete tasks on Kourend and Kebos to gain points. There is a chance to unlock powerful Relics and earn rewards which you can display in the main game.

Tips for OSRS Twisted League preparation

Here are some tips for preparing for the Twisted League before and when it is released:
1. Consider what path you would like your character to take, which can be combat, skilling or something entirely different.
2. Choose your first Relic upon leaving the Tutorial Island. The starting relic includes:
-Abyssal Accumulator: You save 85% of your ammunition and runes.
-Endless Endurance: Your run energy drain-rate is reduced to 0 while your hitpoints restore 4 times as quickly.
-Dark Altar Devotion: Bones dropped by creatures are buried automatically and award 4 times the XP. Ensouled heads will drop two at a time. Prayer drains at 1/2 the rate.
3. Read the Task List and decide which ones to aim for once it’s live
4. Locate key items from Kourend and Kebos by using the Official OSRS Wiki.
5. Keep an eye on official social channels and the in-game League Noticeboard and see who has completed League Firsts.
6. Track your progress by using the Task and Relic interfaces and the HiScores page.

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