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Learn Useful Tips before Playing OSRS on Mobile

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OSRS Mobile has been fully launched for more than a week. Have you ever been trying to play the game on your mobile device? No matter what, you need to learn some some useful tips for OSRS Mobile playing to have a better experience. 

Don't return to home screen while still in game.

Remember to log out the game before returning to the home screen, especially when in some special maps, such as desert, some aggressive environments, or in wilderness. Otherwise, you may lose some valuable items as a result of death.

Remember the current world where you are 

It's also related to DEATH. Be sure to remember the current world you are on. On mobile device, if you leave the game running in background for a long time, the system will automatically choose the fastest world for you when you reopen it again. And If you die while leaving the game running in background, but doesn’t remember which world you are on previously, you will lose your items forever. Besides, the items must be retrieved within an hour, or you will never get them back again . 

Zoom the angle of view as small as possible.

As the mobile/tablet screen is smaller than the desktop, the items on the ground are hard to be viewed with the angle of view large. Plus, it's hard to tap on the drops when you want to check what have been dropped. Anyway, if you don't want to miss the valuable drops, make it as small as you can. 

Enable Tap if possible. 

When doing PvM, long-time tapping to choose the options is really annoying. Enabling it can save a bit of time. But be careful in muti-combat area if you don't want to fight more than one monsters, especially the powerful ones.

Minimize mini-map for wider view.

You can minimize the mini map on the top right of you mobile screen at any time when you don't use it any more. Then you can get a wider view of the map.

Please make full use of these tips and make a better play on Mobile. What’s more, if you want to share us more useful tips about playing OSRS on mobile or tablet, please post them on the RSorder Twitter. Then you may win free OSRS gold. Who knows?

The RSorder Team 

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