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Marble Lectern OSRS: New POH Lectern for Standard Magic Tablets

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There is a new POH lectern named the Marble lectern released with the update this week. Here you could learn the requirements and materials to build this new Marble lectern OSRS in your player-owned house.

Build Marble lectern OSRS in player owned house

OSRS Marble lectern is a new kind of lectern that can be built in the lectern space of the Study in the player-owned house. The Marble lectern requires 77 Construction and the following materials with a hammer and a saw in your inventory to create:
A marble block
A magic stone
A gold leaf
The Marble lectern OSRS allows you to create all of the standard magic tablets in one lectern, which combines the functionality of the mahogany eagle lectern and mahogany demon lectern.
Marble lectern OSRS

Changes to OSRS lectern interfaces on Aug 15th

Besides the release of the Marble lectern, there are some changes made to OSRS lectern with the update on August 15.
Quantity buttons have been added to the POH lecterns and the Arceuus lectern. The POH lecterns’ menu on mobile devices has also been changed, so the names of the tablets can be shown without relying on hover-over text. This adjustment will not affect the desktop version of the POH lecterns’ menu.

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