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Meet RS Farmhand Adam Antite & Others in Upcoming POF Updates

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The new updates with RuneScape Farmhands in POF has been announced to meet the players on Feb. 4. Then, you will be able to hire a number of Farmhands, like the babysitter Dorbo and Zygomaid, the collector Callia, as well as the trapper Adam Antite. You can hire them for different duties with different amount of magic beans.

Categories and prices of the Farmhands

In the updates, the team has added one trapper who can retrieve any unchecked animal for you, one Collector who coverts excess animals in your breeding pen into unchecked versions and stores them, eight Babysitters who prevent animals growing past their adolescence. All of them can be bought from Granny Potterington with magic beans. And at most 3 farmhands can be assigned to one pen. Here is the price list of the Farmhands.
Name                           Job                                                 Price (Magic beans)
Thing                   babysitter for small pen                               1,000
Handy                  babysitter for small pen                               1,000
Zygomaid            babysitter formedium pen                            2,000
Emile                   babysitter for medium pen                           2,000
Dorbo                  babysitter for large pen                                3,500
Teensy                 babysitter for large pen                               3,500
Karen                  babysitter for any pen                                  3,500
Susan                  babysitter for any pen                                  3,500
Callia                  collector for breeding pen                            2,500
Adam Antite       trapper                                                         5,000

Costs for each time a Farmhand is used

At each assignment, the Farmhands will cost you a certain amount of magic beans. Assigning a trapper once costs 100 beans. For the rest of Farmhands, each assignment to small pen costs 2 magic beans, to medium and large pan, respectively 5 and 10 beans. Additionally, assigning them to any pen or breeding pen once costs 10 beans.

With the release of RuenScape Farmhands, you are bond to enjoy more harvest and convenience in the player owned farm. Buy RS gold from us right now. You can hire your own Adam Antite the trapper and Karen the babysitter in your farm.

The RSorder Team

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