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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 with RSorder Gift Packs

  • RS 3 Gold 202M
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $29.49

  • OS 30000K+Free 300K
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $22.29

  • OSR 40att 80str 1def
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $35.00


Everybody, merry Christmas and happy new year 2015. In the past one year, we have served more than 74,650 customers and dealt with 104,340 orders worldwide. Meanwhile we have donated $30,000 for child's support. Thanks for your long-term support and encouragement. Now, we decide to launch loads of Xmas promotion to feedback our customer.

1. Two rounds of RSorder Flash Sale for free RS gold giveaways

There will be Xmas flash sales with two rounds of Flash Sales for RS 07 and RS 3 gold giveaways. The first round will start at on 19th, December 2014 GMT and second round will start on 25th, December 2014 GMT.

2. Extra 5% RS gold bonus giveaways

It’s quite simple to get extra free RS gold bonus! As long as you buy RS gold on RSorder from 19th December, 2014 GMT to15th, January, 2015, you will gain extra 5% free RuneScape gold bonus from us.

3. Show RS items screenshots to win free RS gold rewards

Well, throughout year 2014, you must have got some awesome RS items in game. So RSorder Facebook would like you to post them on 3th December, 2014 GMT. As long as you join in this screenshot competition, you are given free $1 cash voucher for RS 3 and RS07 gold buying. What’s more, if your awesome RS items are listed in the top three likes-list, you get more free rewards.

4. Four times Reward Points

From 6th, January, 2015 GMT to 12th, January 2015, you are able to earn four times reward points for all the products on RSorder. Don’t forget to log in to your RSorder account when make a purchase with us.

5. RS gold buying via PayPal with no confirmation

In order to make sure you will get your RS gold with the shortest time, you can choose PayPal payment to pay for your orders with no confirmation. If there’s anything wrong on your order, you need to connect our 24/7 Live Chat to re-correct.

6. Seek Hidden Xmas cards on RSorder for surprising gifts

On 25th, December 2014 GMT, we will hide no less than 10 Xmas Card for you on RSorder.com. Find these mysterious cards and you will get extra surprising gifts. Beware, RSorder Facebook will offer you some hints to help you look for these cards. Don’t forget to ask for help there.

Celebrate Christmas 2014 with all above amazing events from RSorder and have fun! RSorder will always help you come true your Xmas dreams. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 in advance, everybody.

The RSorder Team

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