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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with 2019 RSorder Gifts!

  • RS 3 Gold 202M
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $20.59

  • OS 30000K+Free 300K
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $17.59

  • OSR 40att 80str 1def
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $35.00


What are you planning to do for the Christmas holiday? To make all of you have a great Christmas and New Year, in the following days there will be a bunch of Christmas gifts from RSorder, such as free OSRS gold & RS3 gold, Pandora’s Box and big discounts!
RSorder Xmas Gifts

1. Up to $10 cash coupons

From Dec. 10 to Dec. 15, you could enjoy up to $10 coupons for cheap OSRS gold, RS gold and other products on our site. Coupons include $3 off $50, $5 off $80 and $10 off $150.

2. Christmas Pandora’s Box

If you want FREE OSRS gold, RS gold and cash coupons, come to join in our Pandora’s Box for Christmas event at 3:00 AM GMT on Dec. 13th! There will be 6 pictures with special codes hidden among our product pages, news pages or other pages.

3. 6% off & 2X loyalty points

We will never forget our loyal members. From Dec. 20 to Dec. 26, 6% discount is available for all our customers, and each purchase of our members can be granted 2X loyalty points. The loyalty points can be used as cash for next purchase.

4. Flash Sale of Free gold

Free OSRS or RS3 gold can be the best Christmas gift for you. At 3:00 am. GMT on Dec. 23, we will offer totally 250M OSRS gold & 1250M RS3 gold for free. Get ready for the free gold!

5. Up to 7% off for all products

From Dec. 31 to Jan. 6, all of you can enjoy 5% off (no minimum purchase limit) or 7% off (for $120+ orders) for OSRS gold, RS gold or other RS products.

6. Big auctions each Monday & Thursday

During the auctions in December you will have a chance to get really rare, big OSRS account, OSRS gold and others at a pretty low price.

Mark the date and get ready for our Christmas and New Year gifts with cheap OSRS gold, RS gold and more. All in all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The RSorder Team

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