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New Drops Added to RS Elite Dungeon 3 with Lottery Drops

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It has been revealed that some changes will be made to the drops in RS elite dungeons next week. There will be some new drops added to the elite dungeon 3, including Battlestaves, the Black dragonhide and more.

Black Dragonhide & more dropped from ED3

Some new drops will be added to RuneScape elite dungeon 3 with the update on April 15, 2019. The new drops include RuneScape Black Dragonhide, Battlestaves, Water Talismans, Triskelion Keys and more Salvage. The Black dragonhide is always dropped from black dragons and the King Black Dragon, and with this update you are able to obtain it in the 3rd elite dungeon.
In addition, bosses and Trashmobs of elite dungeon 3 have had their drop tables improved. The following changes will also be made to the current drops:
Rune Salvage Base Drop: 28 + random (30)
Rune Salvage Lottery Drop: 100
Bolt-Tips: chance increased
Arrows: quantity increased
Arrow Lottery Drop: 1/50 chance of 300 arrows

Lottery Drops added to RuneScape elite dungeon 3

The RS develop team also plans to add RuneScape Lottery Drops to elite dungeon 3, in order to improve the rewards for players who do not gain crossbow pieces. The Lottery Drops in elite dungeon 3 are high valued non-main drops. This was only implemented since players could consistently get the main rewards in RuneScape elite dungeon 1 and elite dungeon 2.

What do you think about these drop changes to RuneScape elite dungeon 3? Anyway, RSorder offers the cheapest RuneScape gold anytime when you want some.

The RSorder Team

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