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OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll Guide: Anagram Clue Solutions

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After the release of OSRS beginner clue scroll, you may receive the anagram clue as one of the clue types. Here is a guide for each OSRS beginner anagram clue with detailed solution and location.

Basics of OSRS beginner clue scroll anagram

As one of the clue types, the anagram clue is a string of letters which can be rearranged into another word or phrase. For example, after rearranging the clue Sir Share Red you will get the right word Hairdresser.
The solution of an OSRS beginner clue scroll anagram is always the name of an NPC. You should notice that the anagrams do not correspond with the number of spaces in a word or phrase, which means a name of an NPC with no spaces may have an anagram with one or more spaces.
When the solution has been found, speak to the NPC with that name and get your next beginner clue scroll OSRS. You will obtain a challenge scroll, puzzle box or light box you must solve before you receive the next clue.

Solutions to OSRS beginner clue anagram

-An Earl
Solution: Ranael in Al Kharid skirt shop
-Carpet Ahoy
Solution: Apothecary in southwest Varrock
Solution: Sedridor in Wizards’ Tower basement
-I Cord
Solution: Doric north of Falador
-In Bar
Solution: Brian in Port Sarim battleaxe shop
-Rain Cove
Solution: Veronica outside Draynor Manor
-Rug Deter
Solution: Gertrude in west of Varrock, south of the Cooks’ Guild
-Sir Share Red
Solution: Hairdresser in western Falador
-Taunt Roof
Solution: Fortunato    in Draynor Village Market

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