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OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll Guide: Hot Cold & Map Clue Solutions

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After the release of Old School RS beginner clue scroll, you may receive OSRS hot cold clues and map clues. Here is a guide for each beginner hot cold clue and map clue with detailed solution and location.

OSRS beginner clue hot cold dig locations

OSRS hot cold clues are one of the clue types in which a strange device tells you how close you are to the right location. After clicking on the strange device, it will tell you whether you are Hot (close to) or Cold (far away from) the location of the treasure to dig. The temperature is based on the distance of the treasure from your location.
Here is the list of locations in OSRS beginner clue hot cold:
1. Next to Draynor Village
Location: inside the wheat field
2. Northwest of Barbarian Village
Location: atop Ice Mountain
3. North of Lumbridge
Location: inside the cow field
4. Northwest of Draynor Manor
Location: In the patch of mushrooms
5. In Al Kharid
Location: northeast of Al Kharid Mine

OSRS beginner clue map clue solutions

Map clues are rough pictures which show the locations you need to search. If there is an X on the map, you need to take a spade to that place and dig there.
Here are solutions to OSRS beginner clue map:

Map Location
OSRS beginner clue map Find the single tree west of the Champions’ Guild outside Varrock. Dig two squares to the east of that tree.
OSRS beginner clue map Find the grapple agility shortcut icon due east of Falador’s north gate.
OSRS beginner clue map Beside the fishing spot south of Draynor Village bank.
OSRS beginner clue map Head to southeast Varrock mine and dig one square west of the small fern.
OSRS beginner clue map Find a fern behind the Wizards’ Tower. Dig the spot which is one tile north of the fern.

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